We Won 'Peoples Pick'†at the Good Food Festival!

Thanks†to all who visited us at the Good Food Festival this past†April. The show was a tremendous success.†And you, the people, voted and ranked us as 2nd runner up in the Favorite Entree category for†our Curried Chicken made with Jaswant's Kitchen Tadka Masala.†Check out the award!

And here's a picture of us at the event.

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Cultural Awareness and Healthcare

At Nutrisense, we believe that the obesity and diabetes pandemic that North America currently faces can only be conquered using a culturally sensitive approach to nutrition.

Cultural Awareness would help Doctors Treat their Patients, September 2006, Brampton Gaurdian.

Multiculturalism†& Food

Learn how we can connect and embrace the various cultures that exist in our communities through food.

Multiculturalism - Food for Thought, 2005, PAU Alumni Association.

Also adapted in Contact (page 10), Summer 2009, Alberta Health Services Newsletter.

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